How to disable hero area

Hello there. It’s my first time working on Ghost and I’m trying to learn. I installed and activated the liebling theme. However, I couldn’t remove the colored hero area at the top. How can I remove this field?

Problem Solved

To remove the hero field on the homepage for the liebling theme, find and delete the following lines in the index.hbs file in the theme file.

  {{> hero background=@site.cover_image}}
  <div class="m-hero__content" data-aos="fade-down">
    <h1 class="m-hero-title bigger">{{@site.title}}</h1>
    {{#if @site.description}}
      <p class="m-hero-description bigger">{{@site.description}}</p>
    {{#if @labs.members}}
      <a href="{{@site.url}}/newsletter" class="m-button filled js-newsletter">{{t "Subscribe"}}</a>

And paste the code below in Settings > Code İnjection > Site Header

.l-content {padding: 100px 0 40px}

Restart Ghost, problem solved.

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