How to edit casper screen.css on hosted web hosting site?

The question is simple. When i change something in screen.css it dosen’t apply.
I’m on Oderland web hosting and have access to cpanel. So the question is following “how do i edit the screen.css file?”

Can you not just use code injection via the Ghost admin dashboard?

I can use the code injection. Just wanted the freedom to change things from screen.css

Are you restarting Ghost (via the CLI or whatever) after making the change to screen.css? You won’t see changes applied to template files until after you do a restart.

Yes, figured out that i can’t access casper folder… :confused:

Unless there is a reason you specifically want to use Oderland, perhaps you could transfer over to another web host like DigitalOcean? I haven’t actually tried editing casper screen.css as I use my own modified version of the theme.

Another thing that just occurred to me is that if you download the theme from your admin dashboard as a zip file, change the name of the file and then reupload it as another theme and activate it, you may have access to that “modified” theme folder?

Otherwise you could just edit the file locally before you reupload the theme and activate it.

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