Screen.css just not reloading

OK, so, today I have spent my whole day trying to figure out how to modify the screen.css file so I can have a custom Casper-based theme.

The usual process is that I execute “yarn dev” in the content/themes/casper folder, then I execute “ghost start development”

For some reason, when I edit index.hbs for example, it perfectly works. But when I edit screen.css, it simply doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how I can live edit the CSS, and immediately be able to see the changes?

I have the same problem!!

facing same problem for some reason the live reload is not working… In that case my temporary solution is after making css changes i toggle the theme & then i can see the changes without restarting ghost

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UPD: found a solution, #9163, ty @DavidDarnes

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