How to edit the "comments" caption or language?

Hi all. My blog is set to Spanish (“es”) but the comment box is all in English. Also, the emails I send show the comment link in English.
Is there a way to update this from the Settings dashboard?

If it’s not a themes translation, then maybe this will fix your issue: Help translate Ghost (beta)

Thank you. I followed the instructions and turned on “Enable Portal translations (beta)”, but the portal-related items are still displayed in English. It may be a themes issue since I’m using a custom theme.

Comment box is part of Portal.

Yup, but not working… here’s my site

The translation feature is still in development, so you won’t see any translations yet.

There are some customizations available today. See →

Ah, got it, thank you for the update Ryan!

Hi. Has this been already addressed? My blog will also be in a different language and I need to know first if Ghost has finished developing the tools to make the translations for comments, etc, smooth.