How to embed ghost blog in our existing react js website

I have a website running on ReactJS and Spring in AWS on which I want to add a Blogs page. Can anyone share a guide which can help me onboard to ghost CMS to directly render a page with a theme into my /blogs endpoint? With existing stack up and running is there a possibility to have blog page show up as is from ghost blog builder.

Ghost has the Content API where you can retrieve all your blog content using JavaScript:

Also might be worth looking at the Next.JS guide on the Ghost docs as well as it might have some similarities to doing it in Just React:

But this documentation shares guide on implementing backend stack which will provide data in response? But how do I integrate a theme on my React app which will make my website visible same as I see on Ghost dashboard?

Oh so you want to integrate Ghost into your CMS backend? For that you’ll need the Ghost Admin API:

Apologies for misinterpretation. I want to know how can I integrate ghost themes into my reactJs app so as to display the blog as is shown on my ghost editor. I am unable to find any documentation on integrating CMS themes on my application.

Ghost themes are for Ghost, they won’t work in a standard React application. Are you actually using Ghost?