How to integrate REACT front end on GHOST

Hi, I need to know that is it possible to use a React.js front end with Ghost and if yes how to do that. I need a full tutorial to do it.

Recently I am running on Casper theme and I need to integrate React front end.

Please help me.

Use Gatsby with Ghost integration:

Gatsby will give you a React frontend and Ghost will give you the backend API.

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Now I’m running with ghost with customized Casper theme. I want to move into the React front end. So is it possible to migrate my all data into Gatsby?

I’m new to ghost and I have stuck in Wordpress for a long time.

The trick is: Don’t migrate your data. Keep them in Ghost. Gatsby will contact Ghost and fetch the content via API. You write React code that runs within Gatsby.

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How to run the code with Gatsby. Could you please show it to me with a video.

The Gatsby people have excellent tutorials on their website. Here is a simple video:

For the whole thing, look here:

As soon as you have Gatsby running and have played with it and with React, then try to attach it to Ghost:

Good luck!


Thank you @mattes3. I’ll check this and get back to you. If I did not understand, would you like to assist me remotely.