How to embed tiktok videos?

Firstly, I have tried to embed tiktok video using an HTML card, but it says, “Database error, cannot edit post. Unable to update nested relation. [object Object]”.
Secondly, I have tried using the Other /embed [URL] it shows the same error message.
Here is the image:

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

TikTok embeds are supported either way.

If embedding via an HTML card, be sure to grab the embed code from the TikTok.

If using the URL, you need to get the URL for a specific TikTok (like this:

If you still have trouble, please sure the specific TikTok you’re trying to embed.

Here’s how the embed looks for me:

Thank you for your time and response. But I have tried both ways. Using HTML Card and URL, both are not working as you show in the image.
tiktok URL looks fine
here is the link:

Here is the result:
TikTok URL:

Error while trying to update the post:

Ghost version: 5.38.0
Database: Mysql 8