How to enable/see Login feature on the site?

On a default install, following this and enabling “Enable Members” allowed to “Subscribe” on the site (screenshot below)

How can we also enable/view “Login” feature/button?

The default theme, Casper, is not designed for members functionality. See this previous comment of mine:


Thanks @Stromfeldt

Installed and updated per docs here , can see “Login” and “Signup”, the only issues is that the button tries forever? I have mailgun setup and mails are working.

Hey @suren :wave:
Could you check your browser console for errors when clicking the button?

On checking again… the link is working! Thanks @DavidDarnes

To summarize the solution (for testing on localhost):

  1. Create a new ghost blog (be default will come with Casper theme)
  2. Install Lyra on it (instructions here)
  3. Setup a mailgun account and add them to ghost
  4. Test Signup, Subscribe, Login
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