How To Exclude Some URL's or Pages in Sitemap.xml

Hello I’m trying to exclude some Url’s and pages on sitemap but i can’t find any codes or ways. Anyone have any idea?

Hi @moreoo_hizmetleri! If the post is published there’s now way to hide it only from sitemaps. What is it exactly you are trying to achieve?

Btw, there’s an idea for ‘hidden’ post feature here - Making some posts private/unlisted on which you can vote if that’s what you are looking for. If it gains traction Ghost team will consider implementing it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply, I’ve already build homepage amp & tags amp pages with .hbs & routes.yaml files but it shows my amp pages in sitemap.xml I’m trying to hide this links.
The pages are not published post or pages just .hbs files and route codes.

Because sitemap files are built based on available url’s in Ghost the new custom routes you define will appear there as well. There’s no way I could think of disabling sitemaps per route bases. Maybe @Kate you know of a way to do that?


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