How to filter between paid and free content on front end

Is there a way for users to filter between paid and free content? How can the user explore different post tags? I don’t see any categorization or filtration system in the front end…

A theme could treat paid and free content differently. Most don’t, besides maybe showing a lock icon next to paywalled posts, because you might want your users to be tempted to upgrade to get access to everything.

Some themes have a page template that displays all the tags. Many don’t. (The ones I’m thinking of that do are all paid themes…) You can always link to a specific tag (as long as it isn’t #internal) by using the url /tag/tag-slug. (This assumes that the routes.yaml hasn’t changed where tags are.)

Some users will link to specific tags with their top navigation or in their footer.

Thanks for your answer! This is a pain in the ass. I though every theme would do that. So do you know which themes show it? I have like 20 tags and don’t want to put them in the top nav. Top nav and tags are different anyway.