How to force build after CSS changes with Yarn


Environment: Ghost 2.12.0 on Digital Ocean, using production (but not really in production)

Issue: Changes made directly to CSS files have no effect even after Ghost restart. I made changes to CSS in


They have no effect even with

ghost restart

I seem to recall that I need to use Yarn to force ghost to build the css for the pages, but I can’t for the life of me find it in the documentation. I just tried various Yarn commands, but I keep getting a “Yarn is not installed here” error regardless of the directory, which leads me to believe I’m in the wrong directory.

Question: How do I force Ghost to use CSS changes made on the sever? Assuming the answer is “Yarn”, what is the command and in what directory do I execute it? Do I need to ‘ghost restart’ after that?



It depends on the theme you are using and what build pipeline it has. If the theme is based off of Casper (the default theme) then instructions are in the theme’s file:


Thanks for the fast reply. I’m working with London, but I see the instructions are the same. A little embarrassed I didn’t think to look there.

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