How to Get Images, Tiers, Other Configs After Upgrade from 5.37.0 => 5.44.0

Hi there,

Can someone who is a pro at upgrading ghost advise me? It seems the the following images and tiers are not part of the content export (I did scp the content folder on my local machine). Also, it seems like I need to re-configure HTTPS, Stripe, custom integrations.

  • What’s the best way to get the images and tiers onto the new upgraded instance?
  • Should I manually reconfigure HTTPS, Stripe, custom integrations or is there a better way?

More Context:
I am using Bitnami-packaged ghost on Amazon Lightsail. I previously had problems upgrading from the default version 4.48.x (that comes with Lightsail) => 5.37.0.

This weekend, I thought I’d try upgrading from v.5.37.0 => v.5.44.0 by creating another instance from the previous snapshot of v.5.37.0 and upgrading it. Everything seemed to have upgraded.

Now I’m trying to restore the content to the new version. So far I’ve:

  • Deleted the default initial post and about page
  • Uploaded my theme
  • Imported the content .json

My plan is to bring down the old version once the new version is ready.

Did you move the content folder?

Hi Cathy,

Is that the next step? To copy the content folder back? I have all the posts from the json import. Will copying back the content folder create duplicate posts?

Also, I’ve noticed that the bin folder is pointing to the original 4.48 version and the 5.39 version is gone. I remember having problems trying to get the server back up after re-creating the symbolic links.

The post contents are in the json import. So are the site settings. The content/images folder has your site’s images, which are not in the json file, so you need to move them separately.

I’d have a look at this documentation: How to migrate data from Ghost to Ghost

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Ahhh…the is what I needed. Thank you.

Do you have any tips for the other configurations?

I /think/ your tiers should import from your exported content json. If you haven’t already imported it to the new site, I’d start there.

So I had to take down the other instance to
get https working in order to => connect Stripe again in order to => re-create the tiers in order to => reimport the paid subscribers.

Was nervous that I’d have to ask all my paid subscribers to re-subscribe… :sweat_smile:

I think the only things that’s left is to update the symbolic link to bin. Found this open issue: ghost lightsail instance fails to link updated bin directory link on upgrade · Issue #839 · bitnami/vms · GitHub

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @Cathy_Sarisky !