How to hide everything from Wappalyzer?

This is not regarding Ghost, but about web developing. There is a browser extention that called as Wappalyzer. It shows every technology that we have used to crate our website.

Are there anyone who knows how to hide all of them from the Wappalyzer?

Recently they have done a data breach also. If someone knows how to hide everything from it, please guide us. This request is on behalf of every Ghostian.

Cc: @DavidDarnes

A data breach on Wappalyzer won’t affect your site. It’s a browser extension that reads public data on your site. The data breach was on their own platform.

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Anyway, I want to hide the JS framework that I have used. How to do that bro?

I can’t help you unless you share the site you want to hide it from. Even then it’s a pointless task as all frameworks have their own “hints” which are fairly easy to notice