Attempting to create a "Coming Soon Page" that sits "on top" of ghost blog which would be password protected

I’m using the normal theme for ghost.

I wanted to create a home page that would have a bit of copy that sits ontop of a video playing in the background along with an email sign-up. This page would promp you—when clicked in a certain area—for a password for you to proceed to the normal blog.

I’ve found a deprecated thread here "Coming Soon" page + private blogging

but the files they are referring to no longer exist within ghost. Any suggestion for how to proceed?

I started that thread and posted the solution I used (with the Casper theme), but I ended up deciding not to use Ghost as I don’t have time to learn several new languages (node.js, handlebars, etc.) when I already know how to create WordPress themes and plugins in PHP. So I can’t easily tell you how to implement my solution beyond the instructions I already posted.

One thing I can add is that the HTML to hide the password form involved three modifications to the template. First put this in the <head> of the template:

<style type="text/css"> .gh-flow-content {display: none} </style>

That will hide the password form. Then add an id attribute to the section tag:

<section class="gh-flow-content" id="private">

And finally use this for the link to unhide the form:

<a style="cursor: pointer" onclick="document.getElementById('private').style.display='block'">Enter Site</a>

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. Good luck!

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