How to install node js on a vps


I am new in ghost cms. I have purchased vpsdime hosting plan. Now I want to install ghost on there. How I can install node js and ghost?
If any video tutorial, it would be great.


It’s been 5 hrs and no one answered your question. So rude, isn’t it? After reading your question, I have speeded up writing my ‘how to install Ghost’ article. You know… I am excited just like you as I also installed Ghost couple of weeks ago in a sub-directory.

Well here is your vpsdime pathway to install node.js and Ghost.

sudo apt install nodejs npm

Go to your root directory and delete dummy page i.e. in Nginx


Now install Ghost CLI, and then run:

ghost install

There you go! Here is a link to learn more

Post back if you run into any problem. The forum is very helpful, indeed.

Thank you Buddy for your cooperation.

I am telling you what I am doing:

  1. I go to cd /home/…folder
  2. I do “npm install” command on my vps root using putty SSH;
  3. Then if I type sudo apt install nodejs npm, it shows " command not found"

I did not install nginx / mysql on my server.

Would you please help me how I can do it?
If you can record your screen / video it would be better to me for understanding.

Again thanks a lot

Hey buddy,

  1. Which OS are you using on your VPS?
  2. Do you login as root, or as user with ‘sudo’ rights?

I can’t record a screen for you, and neither you need to look onto screen-recordings. You, however, need to learn more about a Linux OS.

I am using Linux os (cent os) and Yes, I am using root user.

So, which command I can use for installation?

Install node and npm by using EPEL repository on centos :
sudo yum install epel-release

sudo yum install nodejs

sudo yum install npm

I’m not sure that ghost supports centos

I’m not sure that ghost supports centos

Ghost doesn’t have any issue with any OS. It needs nodejs and will run as long as configured correctly.

I appreciate for your cooperation.

Is there any complete tutorial where I can see about ghost installation on vps using SSH?

Link has already been mentioned in the first reply.

All the best.

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