Unable to install ghost on windows 10

I can not install ghost in my windows 10 pc. I am using command prompt. Already installed node and npm. Using latest npm and node.

Is the internet connect might be issue or do I have to fix anything?

Note: I am new in ghost platform. Please help me

Not entirely sure what the source of problem is, however I did search for this error and the solution often came up to clear your npm cache like so:

npm cache clean --force
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Thank you So much. It works.
Would you please suggest me how I can install and setup ghost on my Cent Os VPS ?

I had the same problem some time ago, on an old pc (I got rid of it, was really slow). But I had another solution, the network interface controller that I used was kinda abused, never updated, just used and forgotten. Luckily, I found the best driver updater for my PC , worked really well. Totally recommend. Easy to use, fast and acceptable for my wallet : D.

Ghost officially supports only Ubuntu. For Cent Os you can look into this article https://www.linode.com/docs/websites/cms/ghost/how-to-install-ghost-on-centos-8/