How to just have a photo for the header?

I want to use Ghost, but my focus isn’t really to build a list of subscribers. I know, that sounds weird. Having the subscribe button in the very top header is sufficient. I don’t need/want large text and a subscribe button, OR a search input field overlaid on my photo. Can’t I just have the photo only? I’ve been in the settings and can’t tell how to do this.


Try this, added to code injection:

<style> {
    display: none !important;

I don’t have an install of Source in landing page mode to test at the moment, but I /think/ that’ll work. If not, link your site, and it’s a minute of work to figure it out.

That code worked. I don’t quite understand why it also made the photo size smaller, but oh well.

Thank you.

You could try visibility: hidden instead of display: none.