Centering Main Nav?

Hi all - just signed up for Ghost and want to enable subscribers for free.

Believe I’ve done that by enabling members in the labs, and then hiding the right menu (login/subscribe) and replacing it with a “subscribe” header link that leads to the free subscription email box (without having to sign up for $0)

When I hide the right header, the main nav heads over to the right as you can see here on my page:

Does anyone know how to get this centered? I’m using the System Theme.


Hey @JustinWelsh,

I see that you’ve solved the issue by using visibility: hidden; on the right menu and that’s great. You could also use this CSS to hide the links (login/subscribe) in the mobile menu as well.

.header-right .members-login,
.header-right .members-subscribe,
.mobile-nav .members-login,
.mobile-nav .members-subscribe {
    display: none;

Or the other option could be keeping the right menu and link the subscribe link directly to “/signup”, not “/subscribe”. To do that, open partials/header.hbs file of the theme and search for {{@site.url}}/subscribe/. There will be two instances of that and replace them with {{@site.url}}/signup/.

Thanks so much for this. I tried this code, but it didn’t seem to work. I’m not an engineer, so coding is generally unfamiliar to me.

I’m hoping to move my site over to Ghost but need help getting it set up the way I’d like. I saw you are on staff. Do you offer paid help to get me set up?


I offer to help you. Please contact me at