How to make infinite scroll with changing url while scrolling?

Hi, Friends, I am a new to Ghost community I am looking for infinite scroll feature it is possible to do infinite scroll with changing URL while scrolling the content, which I have already used in WordPress

Hey friend :wave:

Pretty cool thought to push the pagination URL into the address bar. Looks like this infinite scroll library has something similar where it’ll update the browser history with your paginated pages:

Alternatively you could base your infinite scrolling on the infinite scroll found in Casper, and then use the window.history.pushState() method to add the current pagination page reached:

Both use regular JavaScript and would work very nicely with Ghost :blush:


Hi @DavidDarnes, is there any documentaion available on how to do that on ghostcms ?

Hey @drgaula, the best references are the links in my previous message. The link to the infinite scroll JavaScript in Casper is a good place to look, as well as it’s main index template here :+1: