How to remove Infinite Scrolling from Ghost 4.33 Casper Theme

I found a few articles that suggests removing the infinite-scrolling.js from header. However I dont really see it being imported. I guess it is more embedded into casper.js now.

How can I remove infinite scrolling and use traditonal click through pagination?

Thank you

I managed ti include {{pagination}} in the index and it works well. However it is still trying to load infinite and messes up the layout.

I have been trying for hours now. I managed to disable it by changing 300 to 0. It looks like it is loading new page once it reached 300px from the bottom of page. so making it 0 worked, however I’, sure we should not mess with this file : )

Than I found out that the page doesnt use the same layout as the index

So many issues when trying to remove infinite scrolling.
I just dont like it as it troubles user to read/click anything in footer.