How to modify the default casper Singup form

English is not the default language for my site users. So I would like to translate the default Singup form to other languages. I tried to search source code, ghost-admin, settings and db records, but failed to find where the labels(name, email, Sign up, Sign in, Already a memeber?) come from. Could you please help?

BTW, the signup form implementation is good for us. All we wish to modify the is the labels. If altering the labels is not possible, please kindly share us knowledge on how to implement one new signup form to replace the existing default one.

You need to load the portal.min.js script from your theme in order to change those things.

Thanks for your quick respond! I an using ghost version 4.2.0 and cannot find one file with name like portal..js. Maybe you mean ghost.min..js? I tried and could not find message like ‘Already a member?’ in ghost.min..js as well. Another issue with ghost.min..js is that it is in core/built/assets folder, and I am not sure how to override it themes folder.

I’ll post a link later. can you post that link? Working on this same issue.
@jimuyouyou did you ever get a solution?

I will do that shortly.