How to redirect traffic docker container

hello guys, i installed ghost with docker on my dedicated server following this guide as debian buster was giving me alot of warnings about deprecated stuff with the normal ghost install…
i now have the docker container running and i was wondering how i can redirect to my actual website url, without the port number

Within the docker container ghost uses port 2368. I assume you started the docker with 3001 mapped to the internal ghost port 2368. So probably you used:

$ docker run -d --name some-ghost -e url=http://localhost:3001 -p 3001:2368 ghost

If you want to access it on port :80 (the standard HTPP port), just replace the 3001 with 80 in the above command.

Note: It’s not good to use Ghost directly facing the internet in production. If this is meant for production, you should for example put a Nginx reverse proxy in front.

I wrote a setup for docker-compose that contains all needed components:

Good luck,