How to remove non existing URL in our Website

Hello all,
I would like to remove several URL in ghost admin from my company website but I don’t find these posts or pages with the search…
And it seems they are not related with any tags
They are non-existing pages that we currently not use and furthermore lead to error pages that are of no utility to the company.

Can someone help me and explain if it’s possible ?

Thanks a lot
Best regards

The first question is - On what page do you see these non-existent links?

Once you know where these links are, you can look at removing them.

If they are dead links coming from a search engine they may eventually disappear.
If they are links to pages that have been renamed/moved, you can put redirects into your web-server to the new URLs.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply.
I’ve inserted a picture with some of the dead links before :slight_smile:
Here some of them:

I think that these links have been created in the past when creating a pages or posts but now they should be removed.

The issue is I don’t know where they are located…I used the search but so far nothing…
Do you have any ideas where I can find them in Admin Ghost page : ?

Thank you