How to replace images directory to google cloud storage

Hi Folks,
Have you ever try to replace images directory to google cloud storage, i’m thinking to save my hosting capacity by replacing the images directory to gcs… :blush:

We already provide this as an integration guide :blush:

Hi David,
Thanks for your help, but i found in the plugin page that the plugin

it’s not updated for working on last ghost version

Now i use last updated of ghost… but I am curious to try it first, hope fully it works… :wink:

I wonder if this updated version for v3 works? :thinking:

Woooow… Nice… Thanks a lot brother… :sunglasses:

Hi @DavidDarnes
I’ve tried to use that method already, but i can’t remove the images from gcs when i try to delete the image or post… I made an issue to mikenikles and he said that ghost currently does not call this function, and than he mention to this link.

And i think it takes so long time to mikesnikles for waiting until ghost support for his function… :smile: