How to report bugs in Ghost

Report bugs in Ghost so we can fix them. Please search for duplicates before posting.

Reporting a bug

This category is for bugs only, which means: Something which is intended to be working but is not currently working, because of an error in the software. Not all problems are bugs. If you’re requesting something new, head over to the Ideas category instead.

:one: Search the forum for duplicates before posting. There is a strong chance the bug you are reporting has already been found.

:two: When you’re ready to share a bug report, use the provided template and give as much information as possible about your setup.

:three: Include screenshots or videos where needed, to help someone else test and verify whether they can reproduce the same issue. A bug is only considered valid if someone else can reproduce the same problem.

This forum is not an official support channel

Ghost is an open source product and this forum is for people to share knowledge and help each other. It is moderated by open source contributors and volunteers, and while you may see Ghost staff around, there are not Ghost staff here all the time. This means it may take anywhere from a few hours for posts on this forum to get a response.

Issues can also be reported on GitHub.

If you are a Ghost(Pro) customer and have a support query, or have any issues with your managed hosting service, you can contact our team directly by email any time.

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