How to separate posts with different tags on a different page

Hello, I’m really really new to all this so sorry if this is a stupid question!

Is it possible to create a page that allows you to separate posts tagged as “blogs” and “newsletters” rather than having a really long list of everything combined on the home page? Feels quite hard to trail through everything if its in one list and hard to distinguish the difference between the two.

Hey Jess, there was some discussion similar to this previously here:

I think the answer that you are looking for is in updating your routes.yaml file and creating a static home page.

A couple ways you could do this:
If you are going to have a static home page:

  1. Use routes to keep your home page separate (this tutorial from Ghost shows how to do this. TL;DR you create a static page at and update your routes.yaml file–visible under settings>labs–to load that at,
  2. Then pointing users to your /tags/blogs and /tags/newsletters portions of your site.

Alternatively, if you want to have posts that aren’t blog or newsletter posts continue to populate on your home page, and just want to keep the blog and newsletter tags off your home page, thn:

  1. without changing your routes, you could modify your theme to keep anything tagged with “blog” or “newsletter” off of your default main page. I show how to do that in the Casper theme in the other forum link above.

Does this help?