How to Share Post Draft Privately


I would like to share a private draft of a post with someone, without publishing the post.

I came across a few answers as well as a Ghost support article that show how to do it, but I don’t see the preview link in the sidebar. When I use the link in the browser when previewing a post, Ghost asks me to log in.

Here’s my sidebar. As you can see, there’s no preview link.


If I preview the post myself, I get the following URL: \https://{mysite}

If I paste that in another window, Ghost asks me to log in.

Any help is really appreciated. Thank you.

Open up the preview window, then click on one of the two buttons highlighted below. The button on the right opens up a preview of the post in a new tab, independent of the Ghost editor, whose link you can then copy and share. The button on the left skips the new tab step and just copies the link.


Wow, I did not notice it at all. Thanks @Stromfeldt!

Maybe the support articles need to be updated then?