How to publish unlisted posts

I find it hard to comprehend why the development team did not include a direct link option for the Post access tab.
This move has me very upset because even YouTube, a platform for publishing videos, offers a direct link option.
I’m curious to hear from anybody who may have had a similar problem and any potential remedies or workarounds they may have discovered.
direct access posts shouldn’t be displayed anywhere but people with the link this would add a charm for people who have a group of people they want to share with instead of the entire world.

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Hi there! I’m not exactly sure what you’re after but I think you’re asking whether there’s something similar to the Unlisted option in YouTube. Is that right?

Ghost offers a Preview link in the post editor that allows you to share a Draft post with whomever you want.

If that doesn’t fit the bill, you can make a post in the #ideas channel!

I appreciate you taking the time to tell me that there is a solution to this; it is quite fascinating and a little complicated, but it does work. Thank you.

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