How to skip theme validation before applying it on Ghost Admin

Hello everybody!

Before I represent my problem I would like to give you some background:

Ghost currently hasn’t got an opportunuty to make multilanguage blogs. The blog’s language can only be changed static through the Ghost Admin panel.

As I need a fully multilanguage resource (I want my blog to have an opportunuty to change language on client side), I made my own helper that makes this possible.

Everythings quiet okay, BUT when I`m updating Ghost core or disactivate my theme, every time I try to activate it again Ghost throws me errors connected with my custom helper. the solution I use is commenting lines with this helper out in my theme before applying it to my blog.
I wonder if :

  • Is there an opportunity to skip this step with theme validating?

  • Or some way to launch theme without commenting lines with custom helpers?

  • Can theme get activated without validation?

This is totally unconvinient, because if I would give my theme to somebody else, it definetly won’t work out, before I teach him/her how to comment out all lines with my helper. But what if the person isn`t a programmer and can’t edit code?

Thanks in advance for your ideas. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey there! Very interesting use case. Have you put your theme through our GScan tool? It might help you to find out why you’re getting errors:

If you know the exact bug then may we can work out a fix? Happy help with debugging!