How to update CSS on Dawn theme with yarn?

I think I got yarn working where I should be able to edit the CSS of the Dawn theme in the assets file. Firstly I just want to make sure that I’ve done it right. When I ran yarn dev the following appeared in the console:

yarn run v1.22.10
warning ../../../package.json: No license field
warning dawn@1.0.0: The engine "ghost" appears to be invalid.
warning dawn@1.0.0: The engine "ghost-api" appears to be invalid.
$ gulp
[00:39:16] Using gulpfile ~/Documents/Programming/Ghost/Website/content/themes/Dawn-master/gulpfile.js
[00:39:16] Starting 'default'...
[00:39:16] Starting 'css'...
[00:39:17] Finished 'css' after 973 ms
[00:39:17] Starting 'js'...
[00:39:19] Finished 'js' after 2.31 s
[00:39:19] Starting 'serve'...
[00:39:19] Finished 'serve' after 2.47 ms
[00:39:19] Starting 'hbsWatcher'...
[00:39:19] Starting 'cssWatcher'...
[00:39:19] Starting 'jsWatcher'...

My only concern is that some of them haven’t seemed to finish and the console isn’t letting me run any more commands.

My second question is if I have done it right, how can I update the CSS on the localhost website? Any changes to the .hbs files work but the CSS still doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry if this is a very simple question, I’m pretty new to building websites :slight_smile:

The reason it seems like it’s not done is because of the last 3 lines - there is a hbs, js, and css watcher (they watch the files and rebuild whenever a change has been made). If you’re done developing, you can use ctrl+c to terminate the watcher.

As long as you have the watcher running, as soon as you make a change to a css file, you should see the css task run in your terminal :slight_smile:

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