How to update Sitemap.xml and or remove deleted posts/pages

Hey to all Ya!
Thank you for the great project and work you’ve reached already. I have moved one site to ghost and playing around with it and working already to fill content from another CMS.
After hours of research and YouTube and other platforms, I couldn’t find any solution for this really annoying issue. Where can you get rid of deleted post and pages in your sitemap.xml?
Or did I miss anything (cronjobs or other mechanism). I see there is no file on my server e.g. “sitemap.xml”, 'cause it is generated I guess - not yet so familiar with nodejs.

So is still see in the sitemap.xml: => this is the deleted site - but is remaining.

Same with posts etc…

I would be really glad to get any information or helping advise for this issue.

Hope I could explain my concern about that matter!?

Chears Tommy

Ordinarily, unpublishing (or deleting) a post/page should cause it to disappear from the sitemap. Are you sure they’re unpublished? They should show as being in Draft mode.

If this is a recent change, you might be seeing cached behavior.

If you can link the live site, that might help.

Where are you hosting? If not Ghost Pro, what’s proxying the Ghost site? (It’s possibly the thing at fault, not Ghost itself.)