How to use latest native comments feature?

I saw the new feature “native comments” in the latest feature of Ghost release.

This is exciting. How do users start using this feature? No documentation on it at the moment.

Not being able to comment is the biggest drawback of Ghost in the past. So happy that Ghost has this feature now.


You can enable it in the „Membership“ settings. But the theme need to be upgraded as well. From what I saw is that the official ones are already ready.


I see. So, only blog members can comment? Can anonymous blog readers comment?

Which are the themes that support native comments today?

I tried the Native Comments feature. It is cool, but there are 2 problems:

  1. the comments section is below the “Read Next” which I don’t like
  2. the comments feature is very heavy compared to other comments third-parties features. it slowed down my website (from 65+ to 35+)

What I have to do to upgrade the theme?

I guess, check the changelog of Casper 5.3 or wait until the official documentation is updated.

I checked Casper and Bulletin. You can check the git repos of Ghost.

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The best answer is this. Yes this worked on Casper. I will update my theme also. :heart_eyes: