How to use pre-installed theme on website

So I have a website on which I want to host Ghost Blogs. There is a good custom integration option to consume the content API and create our own design to display the content.

But due to time constraints, we would like to go with the default theme that is displayed in the dashboard’s View site option. I tried to find this on the documentation but couldn’t really figure out what to do in this case.

I want to host the default themed blog on How would I do that? Please help.

Tech Stack:- Nuxtjs

Are you saying you want to use a Ghost theme in a headless use case? That’s not really straightforward because you have to reimplement the routing layer used by the Ghost frontend, and update the theme to support your codebase.

If you’re using Nuxt, it’ll probably be easier to set up your reverse proxy to forward requests to /blog to the Ghost instance rather than trying to reimplement a theme

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