Stop showing ghost default website


My question is very simple. How can I use ghost for only the admin panel?

I created a custom website for Ghost and I only want to use ghost as my panel. I don’t really want the ghost default website to show up once you go to the dashboard link.

Is this possible?

It sounds like you want to use Ghost as a Headless CMS. This is possible. Rather than using the default front-end theme layer, you can use it with third-party front-end frameworks.

Here’s some docs: Using Ghost as a headless CMS with JAMstack

Hello Kym! How are you doing? I hope you’re safe and healthy.

I am currently already using that. I developed a website in NextJS that uses the content api and it actually works very well! But I only want to use it for that single purpose, so my question is, can I stop displaying the default front-end theme layer?

To explain a bit further into it, I only wanna use

Thank you!