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Good Afternoon all,
I am new to basically every concept that I have been involved with on this website, so I am sorry in advance if most of the answers may go way over my head. I have finally gotten around to setting up every aspect of my website (News Site) using the headline template. Now I can’t seem to figure out how to send my posts into the individual pages that have been set up. I tried using tags, but this has not worked for me either or the more likely answer I am doing it incorrectly. The solutions posted have either been too complicated for me, not worked, or are not quite what I am looking for. Thank you all in advance for any help!

Please explain what you are trying to achieve, and share a link. Out of the box, posts are published from the domain root, e.g.,, and the excerpt is displayed on the index page, e.g., and the related tag archive(s), e.g.,

To change this behaviour you need to change the routing in routes.yaml.

International News This is my page
Headline An example of what I am trying to do
Basically what I am asking is how to get posts to go directly into an individual section. For example, in the demo template there are articles specific to the culture page. Whereas in mine I do not know how to put posts directly into the International section. I had found another page on here where the routing was explained, but I did not understand it as the posters had not gone into detail about the steps to achieve this. Thank you for the help!

Hey Ryan,

I think I understand what you’re experiencing. The header nav on the Headline theme comprises the individual tags from posts.

You have created a nav made up of pages that you have created. If you want to display your international news tag in the header nav of your site, then you will have to link to it instead of linking to the page you created.

Instead of:
it should read:


You are an absolute life saver my friend. Thank you so much I have spent days trying to figure this out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. <3

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