How we made our Ghost blog multilingual to go further with our SEO strategy

Hi everyone!

I am Alexandre, Full-Stack Developer at Crisp. At Crisp, we have been using Ghost for our blog and have been really happy with the experience.

We have recently been focused on scaling our SEO strategy to new markets with our blog, by making it international. Sadly, since it’s not supported officially by Ghost, we had to find a way to do it :sweat_smile:
We made it work, created a workflow to manage everything from a single gulpfile.js, and wrote a blogpost about it if you want to do the same.

We can now manage content in multiple languages and easily add more languages to the website as we scale.

Here is the blogpost explaining how we did it:

Feel free to share what you think below :slight_smile:

PS: We read this forum a lot during this project, so thank you to everyone who shared their experience about internationalizing Ghost.

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your blog design is amazing do u opensource it or it is paid

Thank you :pray: We used the Casper theme from Ghost that we modify to fit our design style. And then our illustrations are custom made by designers we work with :slight_smile:

I want to know how u have hosted your blog on subdirectory, I mean what are the difficulties and on which hosting conpany u guys have hosted your blog :slight_smile: