How would you multiple sibling blogs under a single parent/URL/server (a la kinja)?

So imagine you manage a handful of different blogs, but they’re all part of the same “family”, (think, cooking blog, photography blog, and sports blog).

I’m envisioning a small header navigation menu at the top with links to each blog. They can share the same theme, same URL except maybe they have they’re own respective paths if possible.

How would you implement this? Can it be done by hacking a theme, without having multiple Ghost installations? Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

This sounds like a use card for dynamic routing. It’s not fully available yet but when it’s released, it will probably work well for you

An easier way would most probably be to use the main for the parent website and then use subdomains for each blog, i.e.,, etc.

Is it possible you can use the existing tags system for now? You could add a home.hbs file that pulls in a few latest posts from each section for for example then in your navigation you can link directly to the index page for each tag (eg,,

You can see an example of that sort of setup on Ghost’s own blog, the theme code for that is also available to reference too

Using the existing tags system is definitely the easiest route right now but as @vikaspotluri123 said, dynamic routing is the future and is designed for this sort of use-case where you want to separate tags into more discrete sections of your site. There will also be refinements coming to the admin area later too that would make managing multiple sections like this easier. However, it’s still in active development so there’s not really any documentation and some things may not work quite right.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an easier way, more like the “classic” way for completely separate sections of a site with different authors, designs, etc. If you want to run each section as a different site with all the additional maintenance and overhead that brings then it may be worth doing it that way until dynamic routing lands.

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