HTML in captions (Solved)

I use image captions to include attribution for the images. Creative Commons requires a link back to the original image, but I can’t include the links in the caption, as it doesn’t take HTML. This is a problem, as it can get authors in trouble legally if they don’t include the attribution. Please change the caption field to be able to take HTML. Thanks!

Image card and feature image captions both support rich text which includes links, and they are both saved as html albeit a restricted set of html. What is making you think links aren’t available in captions?

I guess because I put it in under the featured image, and it didn’t show up when published. Example post: The Jefferson Davis Monument – Knock it down, or do something else?

The featured image has a caption with a link to the CC license. No caption at all under the image when viewed.

@BruceInLouisville It appears that the (new) functionality for feature image captions has yet to be added to the theme you’re using, Krabi. Best to ask @ahmadajmi, the theme’s developer, when it might be added.

Good catch. Will definitely figure that out. Thanks!

I just released a new Krabi update for feature image caption support. You can update the theme, and all will be fine.