I have a dream to get native comments section on Ghost

Once I was in WordPress I have used Facebook comments and I heard about the user data breach that done by Facebook. after that I have removed Facebook comments from my blog.

Recently I have moved to Ghost and I observed that Ghost is a very powerful headless blogging system that is fully complied with me. It is very speed, very lightweight, and many more advantages than WordPress crap.

Anyway, there is no native comments section. After the Facebook data breach, I afraid to use third-party comments plugins, systems with my blog.

I would like to request to Ghost to implement the native comments section for this valuable platform and make it a boom. This platform is insane. I felt love with it in a few seconds. Please, add the native comments section.

Cc: @DavidDarnes

I’m going to close this topic as it’s already been very heavily discussed in another topic: