I have a question about connecting Google AdSense

Hello. I’m a new user who just signed up for Ghost Blog today.
I’ve been spending a few hours testing the blog posts and learning the usage bit by bit.
While looking into how to connect Ghost Blog with Google AdSense, I have a few questions that I’m curious about and would like to inquire.

For your information, I plan to use Ghost Pro.

  1. If I use Ghost Pro, do I need to apply with a domain other than the Ghost domain? If so, how can I replace the existing Ghost domain?

  2. I would like to directly access the theme code and insert the Google AdSense code in the specified location without having to insert the Google ad code every time I write a post. Is this possible with Ghost Pro? If it is, how can I proceed?

1- you can set up a different domain under the Ghost Pro menu, linked from /ghost/

2 - if you have creator or higher, you can edit the theme files. Even on the starter plan, you have access to code injection, which may be enough, depending on how exactly you want to set things up.

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Can Google AdSense be applied without changing the domain address?

You’d want to check the documentation, but I don’t see why not, as long as (like most Google offerings) you can validate a single subdomain.

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  1. No, it’s not necessary. Having a custom domain is meant to give your website its own unique identity. If you don’t plan on using a custom domain, you can continue using the domain assigned by Ghost and still use Google AdSense. Of course, you can change to a custom domain later if you wish. The process for domain change varies depending on the domain service, but Ghost will provide you with instructions to follow. Following those instructions should result in a relatively quick change, although it might take up to a day depending on the domain service.

  2. Instead of inserting the Google AdSense code every time you write a post, you can use Code Injection or utilize the theme customization feature available in the Ghost Pro plan to directly insert the theme code in the specified location. The process involves simply copying and pasting the Google AdSense code. Both methods should be easy to set up according to your needs.

It appears that Cathy_Sarisky has already provided a similar response to your questions. Nevertheless, I’d be happy to offer my input as well. Please understand that there might be some overlap in the information provided. Thank you for your understanding.