I need some tech help! #Navigation

All I wanted from ghost that wasn’t already included was a custom homepage and drop down menus. I got the former totally taken care of, but I needed a drop down. So I searched around for CSS based menus, and I ended up finding all the ones online at this point.

Even some with javascript, although I’m trying to keep my site tiny as I can, maybe I should use hyperapp.js lol

Anyways I have this annoying css problem where my custom menu isn’t playing well with my theme.

Idk if it is the header css, or the menu css, but I don’t think it is the MAIN.css that is causing it.

Basically I’ve tried about half a dozen CSS based drop down menus. As the menu options built into ghost aren’t good enough for my needs (no drop downs)

This being said the code in my menu snippets are either really simple, or stylized, but no matter what I couldn’t get them to sit properly.

The menu either is off its center in header, but the drop down works properly


The drop down gets completely jacked up, and then the menu is in the right place.

I even had two versions that had both of those problems, and I tried to combine them to get a positive outcome. NOPE