I was told I couldn't have a static page and drop down menu

I was told since that ghost didn’t support those things, that it couldn’t be done. I found the links of people doing it before. So now the homepage takes in data from the home “page” taxonomy, so that I am able to edit it from within the admin. Great!

Then comes the menu, I managed to get the dropdown to show up, and that was a big deal. As at the beginning none of the drop down parts of the menu would show in the header. Now they are “centered vertically”, as I’ve been told. I’ve looked in the navigation.hbs and header.hbs, but I can’t seem to find where it is that is controlling this. I just need it to be just underneath the dropbtn.

I’m using the “Primates” theme, a fork of the Simply theme, from github. I can’t get ahold of the creators of either. So I wanted to see if anyone can help me out with a bit of CSS. please and thank you!

It doesn’t make sens as you can link to any URL you want.

It just depends of the relation between the theme your have and the connection to the design section within Ghost.

You didn’t understand what I was saying. Ghost doesn’t allow for the home page to be multifaceted and more than just text. If I were to just say make /home/ like I did and send people to that it would be just a simple wall of text with some images.

The way I did it allowed me to have text, subscribe banners, grid of blog posts, and much more.

The problem I am facing is not about the page, it is the menu.

The menu is centering wrong with the dropdown.

Ohh my … I read your post too quicky :-//

The menu is centering wrong with the dropdown.

You have CSS messing around. You should right custom CSS for that dropdown.

I’m not much of a coder, which is why I made this post. I tried three different css patterns for the dropdown menu. Completely all different ways of accomplishing this.


and even tried to combine them too. All while making sure I kept the original source code intact.

Problem is I think may come from the header.hbs, but I’ve looked a bunch of times, and can’t seem to find the problem. I tried cutting everything from the nav section css wise, and even tried one by one. Nothing seemed to cause it to work.