I want to pay someone $100/hour to set up Ghost for me

I’m 61. My first newspaper job was on a manual typewriter. I didn’t get my first PC until I was 35. I don’t do well with tech. So I go to YouTube and start watching a video on installing Ghost that is supposedly for beginners. Right off the bat, she says I’ll need a “supported version of Node.” I have no idea what that is. Then she says, I’ll need “yarn or NPM to manage your packages.” What? Then she says I’ll need a “clean directory.” I don’t know what that is. Then she blithely says, “Let’s go to visual studio code” and goes to a screen I’ve never seen before. At this point, I’m only about 45 seconds into the video and I am TOTALLY lost. I’m a writer, not a tech person! I’d just like to pay somebody to create my Ghost blog for me.

Recommend you Ghost (Pro) service that is designed for non-tech people like writers.

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Thanks! Now I just need to make the final decision: Ghost or Substack.

By the sounds of it definitely get a managed hosting plan. Let me know if you need help, might be able to assist. Every week I do a free workshop that might have some helpful tips - https://www.influencer.tips/

Hi John! I’d agree with @cuongtran and would check out Ghost Pro. They manage all the software for you. You just need to pick a theme and you should be good to go!

I would personally pick Ghost over Substack, you will have greater customizability and independence. Good luck on your journey!


Hi @JohnDraper, I have sent you a direct message! Please let me know whether you’ve received it (you’ll be able to find your message inbox at https://forum.ghost.org/u/JohnDraper/messages). I’d be happy to help (even if you’re going with Ghost Pro, you might need help with customizing your theme and such). I daresay I’ve probably built more Ghost websites and blogs than anyone else :rofl: