IDE for theme generation?


I have an old theme that I’d like to change a few things on; pages for tags, css, a few bugs that have cropped up since v1.x of Ghost.

What software is good for making and amending themes? What do you use/recommend for an intermediate user?



Personally, I use a big IDE for developing Ghost, but when I want to edit a theme, I use brackets:


Thanks. I have brackets and have used it in the past, but not for hbs files.
Is there documentation on how to preview hbs files, or an extension that you recommend?


There’s also this: with a handlebars option here:
(if you’re a MacOS user).

There are also other options (i.e. Atom -


OK. So handlebars extensions for highlighting will be useful but how do I preview hbs files? Is it a matter of precompiling, if so how?

And yes, I’m using MacOS.


When you say, “preview hbs files,” do you mean preview the changes you’re making to the theme in the browser? Or something else? You can always setup a local install of Ghost to preview your theme changes before uploading to your production site.


Perfect! Thanks.


Big fan of VS Code.
I used Atom and Brackets but I always go back to VS Code :slight_smile:


VS Code or Sublime