How do I edit the hbs files?

Is it possible to update the hbs files in Ghost itself or Do I need a third-party tool like Sublime Text to edit them.

Once they are edited do I just save the files and then zip up the folder again and re-upload to update changes?

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Take a copy of your theme’s zip file, extract this on your computer, and use any text editor to amend the hbs file.

Once you’re done, zip the entire folder, and upload to your site.

I run a Linux desktop and use the default text editor or CudaText (a cross-platform editor), but you could use Notepad++.

Beautiful! Thank you VERY much! I really appreciate your help

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@mjw’s response is right on the money. I also wanted to share our tutorial on opening a theme in a code editor, since it seems like it’ll be helpful:


Thank you Ryan very much! I really appreciate it