Image files missing?

I’m trying to download all of the images on my site ( The site is self-hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. I was able to download the /var/www/ghost/content/ directory but none of the images are in it. I went as far as downloading the entire /var/www/ghost directory and still can’t find the images. Any idea why this is?

They would normally be deeply nested within content/images. Except any unsplash images. Or images that aren’t hosted on ghost (the result of using the API or importer, possibly?)

Very strange. This is all I see in the content/images folder:

As you can see on the site, we have uploaded a bunch of images directly from the ghost admin panel/editor.

I think you are looking at the wrong Ghost site on your server.

Based on the screenshot, the mailgun.svg should be reachable at But it’s not.

Compare, for example to:, which follows the same URL structure.

Can you do a ghost ls on your server to see if there are multiple Ghost installations?

This is all that shows up when I run ghost ls

Might be a wild guess, but have you set a contentPath in your config by any chance?


Ah, I just found the images!

They’re in /var/www/ghost/versions/5.71.0/content/images/

Any idea why this is? Anything I need to do to fix?