Images not Rendering

I am a noob with Ghost and am having issues with the Gallery page. I can add images via the management tool, and everything looks fine, but when I check the site the images are not rendered. Am I doing something incorrectly, or is this a common problem. I am use=ing a Macbook M1 computer, so is this an M1 issue?

It shouldn’t be an issue! Can you share a link? Which theme are you using?

I have used both default Casper theme and Massively (current theme). url:
Check the “Photos” tab. Note that I have the site presently hosted on Fastcomet.

I also noticed that within the management area, “Site View” can only be seen via new browser tab. If I am not mistaken, when I was self hosting the site view was presented in the management area window.

Yeah, it seems like a hosting issue. Some of your images are being hosted at http, rather than https, which will prevent them from appearing on some browsers.

I’d begin by reaching out to Fast Comet for support.

I guess I didn’t understand how ghost manages images. Seem to work fine for posts, but not the Gallery. Interesting … maybe I need should move the images to the Fastcomet site.

Reached out to Fastcomet and they quickly fixed the problem so mixed content is not displayed … I cannot say enough about their tech support … they have 24/7 chat with real people who are very familiar with web development (and Ghost), and they are QUICK.

Awesome! Glad you got it sorted.