Images are dissapearing


  1. I’m new to Ghost
  2. My ghost is running on a Bitnami Stack in GCP
  3. It has enabled the Apache Pagespeed
  4. When I upload an image to a post and view it, the url includes like this.

/x{ImageName.jpg}.pagespeed.ic.{a token}.webp

  1. Suddenly some images are dissapearing from front end, but the images that I have uploaded are showen in text editor.
  2. When I goto an image link, it shows 404 error

Why is this happening?
Should I dissable Apache Pagespeed and stop image optimization?

But this was not happened in my local host.

Cc: @DavidDarnes @fabien

My site is Site Link

Seems as though you should yes. As “pagespeed” is appearing in the URL of the images you’re uploading, and the feature is called “Pagespeed” I can only assume that’s what is causing your issue.

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I have turnoff it. Now I’m resizing images.

Had some issue and thanks for sharing. If anyone is interested more information about turning pagespeed off on Bitnami stack can be found here Use PageSpeed with Apache

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