Images are dissapearing


  1. I’m new to Ghost
  2. My ghost is running on a Bitnami Stack in GCP
  3. It has enabled the Apache Pagespeed
  4. When I upload an image to a post and view it, the url includes like this.

/x{ImageName.jpg}.pagespeed.ic.{a token}.webp

  1. Suddenly some images are dissapearing from front end, but the images that I have uploaded are showen in text editor.
  2. When I goto an image link, it shows 404 error

Why is this happening?
Should I dissable Apache Pagespeed and stop image optimization?

But this was not happened in my local host.

Cc: @DavidDarnes @fabien

My site is Site Link

Seems as though you should yes. As “pagespeed” is appearing in the URL of the images you’re uploading, and the feature is called “Pagespeed” I can only assume that’s what is causing your issue.

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I have turnoff it. Now I’m resizing images.