Images not loading

Hi All,

We have been using Ghost for a year now. But the issue started to come in March. When we are uploading the images inside the blog content with dimension more than 500px in width, those images don’t show on the front end. Although it shows on the backend (CRM side).

Here is our blog

We have tried to fix the issue with all the possible measures that we can think of (uploading on png, jpg… setting up responsive images etc) but none has worked so far.

I can see a few people are also complaining about the same issue but none of the ways that are mentioned in the replies has worked for us.

Can someone please guide us to resolved this issue?
As a sample you can check these links

One another interesting observation we had was, on an older post, the images were showing perfectly. But then we had update the blog for to the latest info. And when we published after editing, the some of the images stopped showing. Here is one of those links:

Please help us fix this some how. Not sure if everyone is having this problem or just a few of us.

There’s not an issue with Ghost. You have mixed https and http content, and the browser won’t display this. See the errors:

Your Ghost URL may be incorrect. Run ghost config set url and then ghost restart.