Images Seem Public! Want to make images or media files available only to the subscribers

Hi Team,

I’m new to ghost website.
After uploading one image to a post, I copied the image url and then I unpublished the post.
Even though now the Post is unavailable publicly but if I go back to the image url, it’s still publicly available.
Is there any solution to restrict that using ghost or any custom method?

Looking forward to your help.

Thank you

I think this happens also with Wordpress. With Ghost is just worse worse because there isn’t even a media library, so you have no control on your photos unless you don’t SSH into your server and delete them.

So, once you upload a photo, it’s on the internet.

Pro tip: If you are self-hosted, I suggest you to proxy your Ghost droplet with Cloudflare (it’s free) so you can do so many nice things such as the hotlink protection:

Hotlink Protection prevents your images from being used by other sites. This can reduce the bandwidth consumed by your origin server.

When Cloudflare receives an image request for your site, we check to ensure the request did not originate from visitors on another site. Visitors to your domain will still be able to download and view images.

Hotlink protection has no impact on crawling, but it will prevent the images from being displayed on sites such as Google images, Pinterest, etc.

Supported file extensions: gif, ico, jpg, jpeg, and png.